Simplicity Forged by Necessity: 3 Lessons I’ll Treasure Beyond the Grave

Things you own, own you

Anand Swamy


Death Valley, 2002

We parted with the majority of our belongings and purchased a 20-foot trailer to travel and live in full-time.

It was in the middle of July 2022 and we were about five months into the full-time RV life.

The Castle Rock Campground in Central Utah was a temporary residence.

Other than Dot and George, a beautiful retired couple that managed the camp, we were alone the majority of the time.

It was quiet. We were nestled deep within carved sandstone cliffs. I’ve never felt so alone, yet connected to the surroundings around me.

Whether it was the Engelmann spruce trees, the gargantuan moths that would visit us in the evening, or the clear as the day-night sky, my soul felt at rest, despite going through one of the most challenging chapters of my existence.

This Was Done Out of Necessity

My wife’s years of health struggles with no answers were physically debilitating for her, and mentally draining for me.

However, through a network of coincidences interwoven with technology, she found refuge through Facebook groups and the answers she desperately needed.

It was toxic mold. I didn’t believe it at first and neither did she.

It took me a long time to accept.

Our marriage was tested many times.

However, my heart trumped my ego as I would see the love of my life struggling to breathe, walk, and think — the simplest of living requirements that all of us take for granted.

Mold is serious, and more people are suffering without any answers. So she started, Exposing Mold, a non-profit dedicated to helping people navigate mold illness and hypersensitivity.

One of her colleagues, Erik Johnson, a US Army Veteran first started understanding hypersensitivity when he fell ill from mold exposure in one of Hitler’s bunkers.

Erik is a hero in the mold community and used his training in biological warfare to help thousands upon thousands of mold sufferers understand the importance of…



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