What is Meditation?

  • Adopting a plant-based diet.
  • Hour long sits in Vipassana meditation
  • Giving up almost all caffeine and alcohol
  • Taking cold showers
  • Minimalistic lifestyle
  • All the spiritual and philosophical books I’ve read.

How does Spirituality play into Meditation

Meditation is not for the faint of heart

Past and Future — The Struggle is REAL

Tips to Practice Meditation Right Now

  • Spend 2 minutes and just breathe deeply in and out before going to work
  • Look at things without judgement, and if judgement arises — acknowledge it
  • When communicating to another, listen attentively. It might take you awhile to respond back. This is because you’re formulating a thoughtful response
  • See if you can spend 1–2 hours today without any technology. If you’re mind runs wild — just breathe
  • Try eating a meal in silence. Chew your food and savor each bite
  • Whenever anxiety, worry or any other feeling that elicits the past and future comes up — just take a 5–10 deep breaths and notice how you feel
  • Smile because you exist (actual odds are 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 power that you’re here — YES that’s a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes)
  • Take a few moments daily appreciating what you have — and not what you don’t.



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